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Tuesday, January 26, 1999
Early Childhood/Elementary
100th Day Activities
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Djinn - Welcome to the ECE primary meeting. Tonight our Guest star is Sandy/K/Mo. Who will be presenting 100's days activities and family math.
abc - sure is. Looking forward to some great ideas about the 100th day. Mine will be next Tuesday, 2nd.
MotorMouth - this couldn't have happened at a better time.. my 100th day is tomorrow!
Djinn - Sandy looks like we are just in time for 100's day!
Addie k/mo - mine too, MoMou
Janand4 - Hi everyone. I am looking forward to getting some new ideas for 100th day which is Tues Feb 2 for us
Sandy/K/MO - Last year we celebrated the 100th day in our classrooms and then the first grade teacher and I had a 100th math night
MotorMouth - I asked my children to bring 100 individual "things" tomorrow in a labeled container to share
Addie k/mo - neat, sandy, can you elaborate?
Djinn - Sandy can you tell us about your math night?
Janand4 - We usually have a schoolwide activity with activities set up all day in the gym but I don't think we are this year I am on my own
Betty - We are making a class book titled, MY Mom told me 100 times", and thinking of 100 words we can read.
Sandy/K/MO - We sent a note home first telling the parents what we had planned and if they would come :-)
Sandy/K/MO - We had 100% participation and with Dad's even.. The Dad's kind of hogged the puzzle area
abc - The children draw pictures of what they would look like at the age of 100.
Addie k/mo - 100% participation is only fitting for a 100th celebration
Sandy/K/MO - We found 10 100 piece puzzles and the families worked for 10 min.
Djinn - By the way - here are some URLs for 100's day - Kathleen sent them for us.
Sandy/K/MO - we had different sta. set up.. all with different activities.
Djinn - Joan Holub's 100th Day of School Web site -
Djinn - Dale Copp's 100 Days, 7 Intelligences an Idea Bank:
Djinn - Jelly bean estimation -
Addie k/mo - we did a predictable chart...."I wish I had 100 (blank)" and did the sentence building activities (ala pat cunningham) and then we cut the sentences apart, put them in order, glued them down and illustrated them in a big book.
Janand4 - Our schoolwide participation day is much like sandy's night. Only the 5th graders designed activities and they stayed in gym all day greeting each class and working with them on the activities they had set up. Lot of work for 5th graders and teachers but we all enjoyed it!!!
Dotty - We are doing 101 day instead of 100 days.
abc - Sandy, how long did your 100 night last?
Addie k/mo - jan, that sounds really neat
Sandy/K/MO - Neat Addie Jana... that is so much fun
Sandy/K/MO - We had them for an hour and it went by so fast
Addie k/mo - we have 5 k classes and each teacher chooses an activity or two to fill 30 minutes. then the kids rotate through the rooms all morning long. parents come in to help.
Sandy/K/MO - When I went to visit one of the families 3 months later they still had the sugar/marshmallow structure up
nanc - we log each day of school with a sticker shaped and colored like a gumball. We put the stickers in a gumball machine made out of paper. On 100 day we count the stickers and graph them by color and then add the numbers up. We then chew gum!!!
Sandy/K/MO - We do the time line every day... then count by 5's & 10's
abc - We count each day by using straws for place value.
Addie k/mo - in my room we are making 100th day trail mix with 10 each of 10 ingredients. and making paper crowns that the kids can decorate any way they want to wear
Djinn - nanc we are using the gumball and circle stickers - I cut them into strips of 5 and we cound by five as we add them to our gumball machine
Sandy/K/MO - Has anyone done the time lne as money?
nanc - we also count each day by stringing beads.
Djinn - We will make a 100 day - crown using a fake 100 dollar bill
Addie k/mo - other activities include reading the big book the 100th day of school, counting 100 pennies and making a necklace shaped like a 100 commemorrating the event
nanc - We also make necklaces out of fruit loops for 100 day.
Djinn - Sandy - that sound interesting - please elaborate
abc - We make groups of things which are 100, less than 100 and more than 100
Sandy/K/MO - nanc hadn' t thought of that.. I think my favorite is 100 toothpicks and 100 marshmallows and make something. One family made an igloo out of sugar cubes (100)
Djinn - A pretzel log and 2 mini-donuts = 100
abc - I have a pattern to make sunglasses, shaped like a 100.
Addie k/mo - in two other rooms they are making 100 glasses and 100 sashes (like miss america, divided into ten sections where they stamp ten things in each section)
carla - cute idea Djinn
Sandy/K/MO - What I had heard was you tape a penny over the numbers then at day 5 put 5 pennies but also a nickel and so on
Jennifer - 100 glasses?
Djinn - We make 100 books using 100 grids - they glue pasta, stickers, stamps, beans etc. their choice.
kidbiz - Does anyone have a song for 100 day?
nanc - I would like to try to do 100 kind things for each other.
Addie k/mo - sandy, i do the money thing on my calendar in feb and march, and make the exchanges to hang up the fewest coins, but havent ever done it all year
Sandy/K/MO - we also cut up the 100 chart into puzzles and have to put them together again... have even done them in colors and hide them around the room teams have to find their chart
abc - kidbiz, I have a couple of songs, but none with me at home.
kidbiz - Neat idea nanc
Djinn - We draw a self-portrait then what they think they will look like in 100 years. a laugh riot!
G2/Tx - We had a singer visit yesterday named Steven Fite, he sang one but I don't remember the words.
123 - abc, I am usually abc , do you usually use that name
Life - abc, would you mind posting the songs, if it isn't trouble?
Careena - Hello, everyone.
nanc - I also hide 100 peanuts in the class and the children have a hunt!
abc - One of them begins: we have been working in the classroom for 100th days.
Addie k/mo - one of the other k teachers videotaped her kids saying what they would be doing in a 100 years! they will be pretty active seniors LOL
Ellen/MA/1 - there is a song to the tune of 100 miles, except it is 100 days
abc - Yes, life, I will post them tomorrow.
Djinn - Wow - looks like we could have a 100's week with all these activities!
kidbiz - Yes, I like the songs too!
Ellen/MA/1 - I also had my students do a home project- what they will look like at 100yrs of age
Sandy/K/MO - We did the prediction of heads/tails with a penny and then buttons with a venn diagram
abc - ABC, I just found this sight last week, I began by being abc123, but shortened it to abc. I wasn't aware there was another abc.
Emmy - Ellen, we did that also only at school'
Janand4 - Someone sent me songs and poems for one hundred days from the joseph lee school, boston. anyone seen those
Sandy/K/MO - We had a lady that was 85 come in and talk to the kids.. they couldn't believe she didn't have tv
Djinn - We counted unifix cubes - by 5's ,2's and 10's to 100
Careena - There is a 100th day of school website that has 150 ideas's sponsored by the author of the 100th day of school
Emmy - We kept a journal every school day. On the 100th day of school, we listed on chart paper, 100 things we've done this year.
Sandy/K/MO - the fifth grade cut out "feet" and we had the kids measure where 100 feet ended up
abc - We have made 100th day t-shirts in the past.
Addie k/mo - careena, actually it is joan holub, the illustrator of the book
nanc - we made 100 hand prints and the children had to form the number 100 with them. It was big enough for the children to walk through the zeros.
Djinn - Sandy - I love the feet idea - could estimate how long then verify.
Sandy/K/MO - Joan is a really neat lady.. She sent my class autograph postcard for our "wall" last year
Djinn - Anne has some 100 activities on her page - Mrs. Alphabet
Addie k/mo - the k teachers have 100th day shirts...i made them on the computer and ran them off on t-shirt transfer paper. they have a stick person teacher with a pointer and crazy hair...and say, I survived 100 days of kindergarten
Tamy - Last year I got alot of great 100 day ideas from the Scholastic web site.
Djinn - I have posted Joans site back down a ways.
Sandy/K/MO - does anyone's 100th day fall on the Valentine party day?
becca - I know 100 day is an important part of Feb, but does anyone have any other themes. I was hoping to get some new ideas!
Ellen/MA/1 - I found a pattern for sneakers and another one for socks-any ideas to use for 100
Ellen/MA/1 - Sandy, mine did last year and it was chaotic!
Djinn - Actually Sandy - we are two days short of Valentines Day
Emmy - The only ones I think of are presidents, dental health, heart,
Addie k/mo - in fact....IF you have microsoft publisher 97, i could email you the design, you could edit it to say your own name and print it on transfer paper yourself. just email me
Careena - What did you do, Ellen...our 100th day will be for the Valentine day party...yikes...
Emmy - Two years ago, our 50th day fell on Halloween, so we had a 50s party. It was fun.
G2/Tx - We do Mardi Gras in West Texas. It's fun and different.
Janand4 - There is a Theme Series "100" by Creative Teaching Press. It has activities, songs, etc
Djinn - You could do a unit on the Food Pyramid - talk about candy - good choices
Sandy/K/MO - I start my space unit Ok Addie please send :-)
Djinn - Mailbox has a candy unit - last year some time / teachers helper has some candy things this month
Sandy/K/MO - We did Mardi Gras last year bcause Flat Stanley came back bringing all kinds of things
Janand4 - I am doing in Feb -groundhog, Food Unit/Healthy Heart, Presidents, and ending up with Dinosaurs
Djinn - Janand4 - is that for 100's day or does it have 100 themes?
Addie k/mo - for february we do mice....if you want to see my mouse unit go to
Ellen/MA/1 - science, have them predict how long 100 ice cubes will melt.
Addie k/mo - we have a fun groundhog's day "mini theme"....what are some good ideas you have?
Emmy - We also do black history as well in February.
Djinn - Sandy - I love that mail unit - trying to figure out how to squeeze it in.
Mary/oh/1st - How about Chinese New Year...the year of the rabbit, starts Feb. 16, our day 100 unless we get more snow days
Sandy/K/MO - Something different for me.. check out if the groundhog made the right prediction by tracking the weather for 6 weeks after
Ellen/MA/1 - use small ice cubes, careena!
nanc - be silent for 100 seconds!
becca - Speaking of groundhogs, I would like to do the theme of light . Does anyone have ideas for making an inexpensive light box? Lakeshore has one but it's $250!!
Djinn - Our school has a gian groundhog that is placed in the front of the scool so classes can measure the shadow
Sandy/K/MO - I know.. sometimes wish we could call off school just so we could do the fun things like all of these
Janand4 - We have in the past for groundhog did /gr/ words in groundhog shape book, -og family words
Ellen/MA/1 - at the 100th minute of school, have them do 100 exercises.
Careena - We take 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks...students make an invention.
Addie k/mo - good idea, sandy....we go out and check for our own shadows, make shadow animals on the overhead, sing a groundhog song and make a little book about the groundhog
kidbiz - Does anyone have and Chinese New Year ideas
Emmy - Djinn, cool idea. Wooden groundhog???
Djinn - We will do a pop-up ground hog- groundhog on a straw inside a plastic cup.
Janand4 - Groundhog head glued to popsycle stick and color white styrofoam cup brown. Groundhog can pop up through the ground (cup)
blt - groundhog's day--make cut out cookies using a groundhog cookie cutter, place cookie in a scoop of ice cream, add choc syrup if he sees shadow,eat--i live near punxy--i don't know if you can get cookie cutter anywhere on line or not
Ellen/MA/1 - careena, do they get to eat their creation?
Djinn - emmy - yes it's wooden - a wonderful parent donated it
Sandy/K/MO - we made groundhog cupcakes
Janand4 - I think we are thinking of the same Djinn
Sandy/K/MO - Djinn how tall is it?
Djinn - Groundhog cookie in Teachers Helper this month looked really cute. Bonbon for the head and I think raisin ears.
Janand4 - Can make secret shadows doing your overhead
blt - sandy--how do you make groundhog cupcakes
123 - We mark our feet with chalk and where our shadow head is on a wall. Later we go out and put our feet in the exact spot to see that our shadow has moved
Ellen/MA/1 - I have a parent who is making 100 cupcakes! Don't know who is going to eat them!
Djinn - Janand4 - one of the reasons I've been screaming for an overhead!!!
Careena - Ellen, that's a fun idea...we haven't yet. In the past they displayed it and talked about it to class.
Sandy/K/MO - choc. icing. small marshmallows for teeth and M&M's for eyes It was in Mailbox last year
Addie k/mo - oh, yeah, and your word book reminded me...we make "put together books" since the word groundhog is compound word. using a "french door fold". An example would be (for groundhog) on the left door they write "see the ground" and illustrate, on the right door they write "see the hog" and illustrate...then on the inside it says "put it together see the ground hog" and illustrate. we brainstorm lots of compound words and they do the one of their choice
jmc/az - I like to teach shadow tag to my students for groundhog day. They love it!
Janand4 - Tape file folders around base of overhead so children can't see objects on screen. Place objects on and children guess identity of object based on shadow it casts
Djinn - Someone on my kinder mailring suggested singing Me and My shadow. How about the poem - I have a little shadow
blt - i do silhouettes of students' heads, then add bulletin board title--who's shadow is this
Janand4 - What is shadow tag?
Sandy/K/MO - that's cool blt but I do't know if mine would sit still that long
Janand4 - Jackie Weissman tape Sniggles, Squirrels, and Chicken Pox has Groundhog song on it
jmc/az - Shadow tag is where you tag the persons shadow to make them it.
Addie k/mo - blt, that could go into presidents day too.....if you bordered the papers with patriotic colors
Addie k/mo - yes, jan...that is my groundhog song! one of the kids made up a dance to it too
jmc/az - How about any new ideas for teeth?
Djinn - I have a blackline of a large fortune cookie- the students will make up a fortune and place in their cookie. We will also be making dragon puppets.
abc - Just Like Abraham Lincoln.
abc - Arthur's Valentine
Addie k/mo - one of the k teachers a couple of years ago did sillouhettes and hung them in the hall with the caption "future presidents" thought it was neat
Djinn - Franklin has a new valentine book too
Ellen/MA/1 - Djinn, how do you make dragon puppets?
nanc - Mr. cranberries Valentine
Emmy - I saw somthing @ teeth today. Eat an oreo cookie. Look in mirror & draw black where there is black on tooth. Eat an apple, see how it "cleans" the teeth. Was on board I think.
Sandy/K/MO - Arthur has a site on line with activities..
jpm/ct - i heard of making dragon puppets with red cups.
Djinn - ellen -they are paperbag puppets- head on top and body on the bottom.
jmc/az - I like the idea with the oreo's and apples. Thanks!
Careena - What do you do, jpm?
Addie k/mo - we always read just like abraham lincoln and then i give the kids a circle with the words "Abraham Lincoln (blank)" and they have to write a fact about Abe. then they illustrate and we mount on the back of a larger circle with a penny design on the front.
123 - Jmc, we make big toothbrushes We cut a piece of cons. paper long was in half . glue to make a big rectanle. Fringe a white piece of paper for bristles glue at the end of the long rectangle . we always practice t's on ours
jpm/ct - i heard of using wipe erase markers and draw on a tooth that is covered in contact paper then using a toothbrush to clean the tooth
Addie k/mo - you could cover milk cartons with brown const paper and then glue on pretzel sticks to make a log cabin
abc - I have used red, white, and blue ribbon and made a medallion with a penny glued to a yellow circle.
jpm/ct - you take the cup and turn it sideways and use the mouth of the cup for the mouth using paper fringes for fire and eyes on top of the cup ears whatever
Djinn - we make necklaces using the left over centers of our 100's day 0's red white and blue - then place a penny in the center
Addie k/mo - on that same miss jackie tape that jan was talking about there is a good song "hooray for mr. lincoln" that is really cute
Emmy - Addie, you can use breadsticks to make the cabin.
Djinn - What about using pretzels to make a cabin?
meeha/ece/tx - you can do a snack sorting activity -- kids cut out snack (or meal) foods from magazines and grocery store flyers, sort onto 'happy tooth' and 'sad tooth' shapes to demonstrate understanding of Healthy Dental Food Choices
Sandy/K/MO - My kids like to use pretzels... but more go in their mouth than on the house
Sandy/K/MO - My dentist will buy me the toothbrushes and toothpaste to give my kids.. Much cheaper going through him
Addie k/mo - sandy, do you glue them or use frosting?? (if they are eating them) i have never done the activity before but think it is cute
Sandy/K/MO - I use the frosting but the pretzels never make it to the house.
kidbiz - With just the frosting you have a log cabin in winter!! heheh
Emmy - Game: Divide class into groups Have different colored valentines hidden around. Sing to Mary had a Little...I can find a valentine, repeat, repeat. My valentine is red (or whatever color or shape)
Sandy/K/MO - LOL Kidbiz
Janand4 - You can make neat Valentine mailboxes by covering half gallon paper milk or orange juice cartons with pink paper. Just cut off spout area. Kids decorate and make flag for mailbox with flag part being a heart.
Djinn - There are so many days in Feb. that have significance it is almost impossible to develop a large theme.
jmc/az - Wow, Sandy. We've lucked out with having a student whose parent is a dentist, and he has come in to talk to our class. The 1st graders all get toothbrushes. Not Kindergartners
Careena - Thanks everyone, February seemed bleak before tonight.
Sandy/K/MO - first graders get them at our school too but since he will help me out I give them too
Mary/oh/1st - we get free stuff every year from Crest...send for it in the fall
Addie k/mo - i got this idea from someone on the net....but cant remember where, but with that preface, here goes....make valentine vests for the kids to put their valentines in....we are cutting a "poncho" from red paper and carefully gluing a huge heart to the center of the front for a pocket. they will glitter their names on and then decorate however they wish with drawing and a variety of valentine die cuts
abc - I've made valentine boxes from cereal boxes.
Djinn - I made name labels on my computer and sent them home- the kinders will cut and glue onto envelopes - they will match the names on val. containers as an activity
kidbiz - Feb will be here and gone before we know it!
Ellen/MA/1 - not for me, careena, we have a week off around the 16th or so.
Careena - Winter break in the Northeast...I envy you!
jmc/az - I take all the Valentine's that I receive, and glue them to a large heart. Then I write A Big Thank You! The students look for the card they gave me. They love it!
Addie k/mo - djinn, i am doing that the idea (probably from you) chatting here one night! i was so excited about that! and the names are already in the computer...i just have to print them out!
Djinn - We will be sorting and graphing conversation hearts.
meeha/ece/tx - We are going to try conversation hearts BINGO -- providing i can find the hearts stickers again this year!
Djinn - jmc- wonderful - I'm always wondering how to show my appreciation!
chill31 - white paper plates make sewn or stapled together make great valentine holders
Careena - AIMS has an excellent lesson for the sorting and graphing of conversation hearts.
Ellen/MA/1 - that's cute, meeha
Emmy - Last year each child decorated a heart. We each wrote a positive thing on each child's heart. They loved it.
Djinn - we are sponge painting white paper bags
Djinn - Emmy - what a terrific idea- that one goes in my book tonight!
jmc/az - I like that idea Emmy
Emmy - I did it with every holiday. Great feeback from parents. Who wouldn't love having 22 nice things written about yourself?
Addie k/mo - meeha! love that idea...we are playing bingo at our party, but that is so much more festive than regular bingo! how do you make the cards?
123 - Emmy, What grade?
Djinn - We are also making Heart people - they are hysterical - use different sized hearts for head -body-legs-arms then accordian paper to glue it altogether.
Ellen/MA/1 - bulletin board-100 hearts in the colors of the rainbow-"A Rainbow of Hearts"
Emmy - I did it with 4th. Parents & children loved it..who'd have thunk it????
Emmy - Okay, I don't have self-contained. Just reading 1-3. Any reading type Valentine activity???
meeha/ece/tx - Addie -- it is probably more like "LOTTO" cards than BINGO (I guess) probably just use 8 or 10 stickers per card -- kids will be able to use conversation hearts to mark cards.
Djinn - emmy - what about making word activities with Valentine?
Sandy/K/MO - Djinn I still have the heart people my 22 year old son made
Addie k/mo - so do they have to find the candy hearts that match?
Emmy - To be more precise, I should have said, I no longer have self-contained.
blt - emmy--the bingo would be good for reading
Emmy - Like in PC's making big words????
Djinn - How about creating a letter of appreciation?
Sandy/K/MO - you could go to puzzlemaker and make them (word activities)
Emmy - Yes, that's true blt.
meeha/ece/tx - I think with my kiddos (Special needs preschoolers) they will just need to match the cards drawn -- will have to work on it for a bit to fine-tune to the group! I'll let youknow!
Sandy/K/MO - you could go to puzzlemaker and make them (word activities)
jmc/az - We create a post office. The students write or draw a picture. Find their friends address. Label the envelope, and color a stamp
jmc/az - We create a post office. The students write or draw a picture. Find their friends address. Label the envelope, and color a stamp
blt - usually for holidays i find a poem and make copies without illustrations--we read it then students illustrate it
kidbiz - This ideas have been great..I've enjoyed being here!
meeha/ece/tx - jmc -- one K teacher i knew used to have her kiddos go into the post office and 'cancel' the stamps using a rubber stamp over the 'stamp'!
jmc/az - Djinn, usually ends up to be a center for the month. They love getting and receiving mail. I like the idea with the postmark. Usually our helpers deliver the mail.
Djinn - Looks like we are having a bit of trouble out there tonight keeping on the board! Remember to check the archives for a transcript of these great ideas.
tyke_patrol - sorry if this has already been brought up, but does anyone get Family Fun magazine? They have real cute Valentine ideas in the February issue.
meeha/ece/tx - jmc -- you can get parents to save the magazine 'stamps' that come via places like publishers' clearing house and american family publishing! they make great 'postage stamps' for in-classroom use!
Janand4 - Read One Zillion Valentines by Frank Modell and sort v and z pictures
KTeach2000 - What about Jan Brett's Valentine Bears..
KTeach2000 - I'm addicted to Jan Brett
Djinn - meeha - I think you mentioned that one before and I thought " What a great idea!"
Ellen/MA/1 - tyke, doesn't that magazine have a website?
Janand4 - make words from letters from valentine I have letters written on little cards for the children to manipulate I tell them what letters to lay down for example an now put the v in front of an etc.
Ellen/MA/1 - tyke, I saw that magazine but it wasn't mine, Do you have one now?
Addie k/mo - we are also making valentine take a paper plate and cut it like a pizza into eighths, but not all the way to the edge...then you paint or color it red or pink...then on each point you glue a little heart. you could even have the class copy words off of conversation hearts if you wanted
Djinn - Anyone using fun foam to make heart or pins etd.?
Ellen/MA/1 - if so, will you check to see if there is a web address? I saw those ideas,
blt - ellen--you mean family fun--there is a website but does not include everything from magazine--has good ideas though
tyke_patrol - I have the magazine in front of me now
Sandy/K/MO - I had thought to make frames from craft sticks and decorate then put picture
nat/k/ma - Sandy email me at
Djinn - Addie - how cute! Will you have pictures on your site?
Addie k/mo - i think one of my room mothers is cutting them for us, but i think that the kids could do it if they have good scissors and the lines drawn
Ellen/MA/1 - blt and tyke, do you know the web address? pretty please!!
KTeach2000 - I saw this project where you have a thick poster board, you cut a heart in the center and then tape celphane over it..inside the celphane you put heart confetti.. Then you cover both sides with construction paper and let the kids design it... ITs like a shaking card.
Addie k/mo - i can post pix of them on my site! i will try to make it a point to take some :-)
blt - ellen--i think
Djinn - Kteach - bet you could make confetti with a heart hole punch - wouldn't they love doing that?
KTeach2000 - dont forget to cut the hearts out of the contstruction paper so you can see the shaking
blt - i often play tic-tac-spell and make the markers from craft foam--such as two different colors of hearts for feb.
KTeach2000 - Djinn, sure, the confetti could be all colors..
Djinn - Could make Bingo markers with funfaom hearts
Emmy - This I found. I'm going to do it for my teachers.
Sandy/K/MO - Hope everything goes well let us know
blt - when i do tic-tac-spell, we use the marker board and i put magnets on the markers and we play on a large grid
Djinn - Good night everyone - and thank you once again for an informative and fun session! Any ideas for other subjects? let Kat know what you want to talk about.
Sandy/K/MO - Thank you everyone happy 100th day