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What do we even begin to study/review for this component?
Hi. I am wanting to set up a listening center. I lost all of my LC equipment in a recent flood, so I am starting again, from scratch. What do you recommend? How is your LC set up? What kind of equipment do you have? How do you use QR codes in a LC? Thanks, in advance!
Hello, I am a 5th grade teacher in a very small, rural school district in Missouri. I am wanting to attend the annual ISTE conference this summer, but my school district does not have the funds to send me. I know this conference will greatly improve my content knowledge and ability to use technology
<h3><font color=brown>Time must be explicitly managed, like money. <i>~ Randy Pausch</i></h3></font>
How to name a kitten? Found here nerdy cat names full list of names for cats.
Hello. Do you know if activated charcoal is used on plants it can absorb the water of the plants?
I am looking for pen pals (near of far) for 18 second graders to practice friendly letter composition
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Without opening a huge political can of worms... how do people feel about the incoming administration, particularly the new Education Cabinet, with regards to Dodea and funding? My state does not allow teachers unions, so I was curious as to what their response is... I guess my thinking is, right no
K-12 school teachers are invited to apply for the four- week Summer Institute for School Teachers on Johann Sebastian Bach and the Music of the Reformation Church from June 26 – July 21, 2017. The Institute will take place in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, home of the first Bach Choir in the United Stat
Wanted to get some feedback on this thought for EC Gen. Component 2. Thanks If I pick 2 students (very different) Maybe one struggles with middle vowel students on her P.A. assessments and sight words (which affects her reading) and that also correspondences with their writing (they only write the b
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Hi! I'm looking for penpals for my pupils. I'm French and I teach English in the Franco-Peruvian school of Lima. My pupils are bilingual Spanish/French and I want them to practice their English. We start our school year at the end of February and I'd prefer having a school with the same school year
Dear forum members, I am planning to work as a substitute teacher for a period of time and was hoping someone could let me know which districts in northern California generally have a high demand for substitute teachers. I have flexibility as to where I can move to be closer to the schools that have
Dreary, but warmer day in 40's, that was easy on the body walking the granddaughter to school this AM. I didn't even have to wear hat or gloves it felt so comfortable. Made it to my cycling class and I was able to reach 19 miles! I think that I was able to do that just one other time. There was a lo
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<h3><font color=green>Love people. Use things. Not vice- versa. <i>~ Kelly Ann Rothaus</i></h3></font>
I am working on Comp 4. I dont see a permission slip and wanted to make sure that I didn't miss anything on if we need parent permission for the 3 self assessments even though no names are used.
Hi Folks, I have a class of 22 pupils, male and female, age range 8-12, looking for snail-mail pen pals. We're in a school in Ireland and would love to pair up with another school in some far-flung place...
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I am looking for ideas for grade recovery on a station exam. Quite a few students did not take the exam seriously and failed, miserably. As much I as believe they should have to deal with this low grade, I will be asked by admin how am I going to help them fix their grade. Ideas?? The test was over
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I'm working on Component 4. I teach 8th grade math. I was going over my parent surveys that I gave at the beginning of the year, and many parents said their students struggled with fractions. I have seen this also (every year) when solving equations or simplifying slope ratios. Anyway, fraction oper
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I'd just like some people to let me know what they are doing for this component; I just need some ideas that maybe I can then explore further. Thoughts on this one??? Could I use students MClass data as a part of this process? We are a Daily 5/CAFE school so a lot of our strategies work with TRC res
I need a well-known, lively, inspirational popular song for a very large group of students to sing. Been researching on internet and even the ones suggested specifically for high school have dodgy lyrics. Anyone have as any ideas, please??? P.S. Can't have Don't Stop Me Now, it's been booked.
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