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Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#1506. Pizza Theme Day

other, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jan 13 19:27:33 PST 2000 by Elaine Magud (
Joshua Cowell School, Manteca, Ca.
Materials Required: varied
Activity Time: varied
Concepts Taught: integrated theme for a day - Kindergarten

Pizza Day
An integrated day of Pizza Fun.

1. Activity: Making Pizza
Materials: toaster oven, English Muffins, a jar of prepared Pizza Sauce, grated cheese.
Procedure: Students place two tablespoons of sauce on one half of English Muffin. Add grated cheese and toast in oven. Eat!!! Yummy!!!

2. Activity: Pizza Painting
Materials: paper plate, tempera paint; red for sauce, black for olives, green for peppers, brown for pepperoni and tan for mushrooms. Sponges cut into the shapes of vegetables - cheap kitchen sponges work very well.
Procedure: students make their pizzas by first adding sauce to the paper plate crust and then adding their choice of toppings.

3. Activity: Pizza Patterns
Materials: crayons, strips of paper 2x8 inches, glue, macaroni or vegetable patterns ( I used the patterns from the Mailbox Magazine for vegetables).
Procedure: Students choose materials to make pattern, color, and glue to paper.

4. Activity: Pizza Book (class book)
Materials: Construction paper, writing paper, crayons, pencils.
Procedure: make a large slice of pizza using construction paper. Title it ..I Like Pizza.
Provide each student with a piece of paper cut to look like a slice of pizza. Student writes about their favorite kind of pizza. You can use a cloze format, "I like....((Cheese))" or have students dictate or write on their own. Students decorate their page. Make into a class book for your library.

5. Activity: Pizza Puzzles
Materials: stickers, construction paper
Procedure: teacher makes large 8 inch circles "pizza" out of brown or red construction paper. Place stickers on pizza representing a certain theme; eg. farm animals, zoo animals, letters, numbers, etc. Laminate. Cut each pizza into slices and place all in a pizza box. Students sort slices according to categories and then reconstruct each pizza.

6. Activity: Pizza Counting
Materials: Pizza Spinners, egg cartons or small plastic clear cups, beans or small objects to count.
Pizza Spinners: use red construction paper to make 6 inch circles. Draw slices onto each pizza and program with numbers you are targeting. Laminate. The spinner is a large safety pin with a brad placed through the hole in the end. Stick through the middle of the circle. Makes a great spinner!
Program your egg cartons by placing stickers with the bottom with the same numbers as the spinner. If you are using clear plastic cups use a permanent marker to mark each with a corresponding number.
Procedure: Students spin the spinner and then count the appropriate number of objects into the container.

7. Activity: Pizza Dice Throw
Materials: Black line of a slice of Pizza. 1 or 2 inch cube. White circle stickers.
Program the picture to correspond with numbers you are working on.
For example: 1=red sauce 2=black olives, 3=green peppers, 4=brown pepperoni, 5 = white mushrooms, 6=orange cheese. Place the numbers on the corresponding objects in your picture. On white sticker write the number one in black permanent marker - color the sticker red and place on one side of the cube. Continue until you have completed your dice.
Procedure: Students roll the dice. They then color the corresponding section of the picture. For example; Johnny rolls the number one. He looks for the number one on his paper and colors it red.
( My kids love this!)

8. Activity: Pizza Alphabet/ number
Materials: red paper plates with "slices" made with a permanent marker. Wooden clothes pins.
Write upper case letters around the outside of your 'Pizza". On the clothes pin mark the lower case letters. On others mark with numbers - clothes pins will have appropriate number of dots or the number word.
Procedure: students match clothes pins to pizza.