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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Health

#1887. Glitter Germs

Health, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Aug 7 11:22:20 PDT 2000 by Terry Sayre (
Hillsboro School District, Hillsboro, USA
Materials Required: Glitter, Paper Towels, Hand Lotion, Bucket (To catch glitter.)
Activity Time: 30 Minutes
Concepts Taught: Germs, Washing Hands

Procedure - (Be sure to ask studentís if any have allergies to hand lotion.)
1. Ask: What is a germ? How big is it? Why is it important to wash your hands?
2. Put a small amount of hand lotion in each studentís hands. Have them rub it all over their hands.
3. Sprinkle, over a bucket, a small amount of glitter into each studentís hands. Have them rub their hands to spread the glitter evenly.
4. Next, have a few kids try to get the glitter off with dry paper towel.
5. Then, have a few kids try to get the glitter off with plain, cold water. After that, have a few kids use warm water, with soap, to get the glitter germs off.
6. Let everyone wash his or her hands with warm, soapy water.
7. Bring everyone back to circle and ask, ďWhat does the glitter represent (Germs)? What happened when you tried to get it off with just paper towels? Cold water? Warm, soapy water? Why is it important to properly wash your hands?