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Grade: Elementary

#2401. Getting students to read more

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 11 15:58:32 PST 2001 by Edward Chappie (
Ferndale Area, Johnstown, PA
Materials Required: Brought in by students
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: reading

The following comes from my article in NEA TODAY. (September 2001)

Thrifty Educator
I ask my fourth graders to bring in books that they've already read. Then we set up displays for those who brought books to sell. Booksellers also get a chance to circulate and buy books from others. Since there are at least five book exchange days in a school year, the students get to resell many of the used books that they bought. I've found that it is good to set a price limit on what a used book may sell for. Thirty minutes is plenty of time for a book exchange period. Parents are especially happy that their children are getting to read many books at little or no cost.

Ed Chappie (

Hope you can use this. The students loved it because they got to read books that they chose.