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#2471. Mitten Math

, level: Kindergarten
Posted Thu Jan 24 20:10:52 PST 2002 by gg ().
heritage elementary, DePere Wisconsin
Materials Required: Knitted mittens and manipulatives
Activity Time: 30 min
Concepts Taught: Estimation

I read the book, "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. Then as a class we predicted how many unifix cubes could fit in a mitten.
Then I had 10 different container of manipulatives around the room, and one mitten by each container. The students were in groups of two. First, they predicted how many objects could fit in the mitten. Then they wrote their prediction down, and then filled the mitten. Then when they were given a signal they all rotated to the next mitten with their partner and new set of manipulatives.

*Do not use the "puffy" type of mittens for this activity. It is too hard to remove the manipulatives from the mittens.