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Grade: Senior
Subject: History

#2588. World War II Multimedia Newscast

History, level: Senior
Posted Wed May 15 14:46:07 PDT 2002 by Cheryl Ebisui (
UNLV, Las Vegas, NV
Materials Required: VCR, TV, overhead
Activity Time: 2 weeks (research project)
Concepts Taught: WWII Authentic Assessment

WWII Multimedia Newscast
By Cheryl Ebisui

Instead of a traditional essay exam, your assessment will be to create a 15-20 minute multimedia newscast. Your newscast will cover 3 topics of your choice in each of the following categories: MILITARY stories, the war effort on the HOMEFRONT, and American ENTERTAINMENT or LEISURE during the war. Your topics are limited to the years 1939-1945. You must incorporate the following items into your production: an appropriate WEBSITE, a VIDEO CLIP, an AUDIO CLIP or ORIGINAL NEWSPAPER ARTICLE, and examples of PROPAGANDA. I expect to see a significant amount of effort to be put into this project and take pride in your work!

Here is a sample outline of the kind of presentation that I expect:

-Introduction (introduce your news program and group members)
-Topic #1 (Military story)
Brief explanation
Video clip
-Featured website
Short explanation of site and a review of its accuracy
-Topic #2 (Homefront story)
Brief explanation
Original newspaper article
-Propaganda minute
-Topic #3 (Entertainment news)
Brief explanation
Audio clip

You will be graded as follows:

1.Newscast script (should be written like a play with dialogue) 100 points possible
-Use of proper language and grammar (5 pts)
-Equal dialogue among group members (5 pts)
-3 topics (30 pts per topic)
Date of event (at least month and year)
Accuracy of information
Evidence of in-depth knowledge of subject
2.Newscast contents 50 points possible
-Video clip, 3-5 minutes (10 pts)
Relevance to topic
Historical accuracy
-Audio clip or original newspaper article (must have a copy!) (10 pts)
Relevance to topic
Historical accuracy
-One additional clip or article from above, your choice (10 pts)
-Propaganda minute (10 pts)
Accuracy of information
-Featured web site (10 pts)
Appropriate source
Accuracy of information given
Completion of analysis worksheet
3.Presentation 50 points possible
-Appropriate newsanchor attire (15 pts)
-Preparation (20 pts)
All materials ready to present
Presentation reflects practice
Organization of information
-Speaking skills (15 pts)
Voice projection
Eye contact
Poise and posture
4.Bibliography (use correct format) 10 points possible
5.Peer Evaluation 0 to 15 points possible, depending on the amount of work you do
6.Group sign up sheet 5 points possible