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#2805. Teaching Contractions through "surgery" & song

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted Mon Feb 3 08:09:54 PST 2003 by Compiled from Teachers.Net Mailrings ().
Concepts Taught: Contractions

Teaching Contractions as "Surgery"(Creator unknown)

The day I introduced contractions I did "surgery." I got a mask and gloves from the health office and I set out a tray with my sissors, tape, paperclips, gloves and mask. I had written the words: "had not," "can not" and "is not" on strips of construction paper. I asked someone to be my nurse and help me get ready for surgury and showed him how to hand me things during surgery. Then I proceeded to do surgery to cut out the letters we did not need and stitched (paperclipped) them back together. I then used (clear) tape as the bandage. Then I took off the gloves and mask and we talked about how we shorten up words like that. I told them that when I took the stitches (paperclips) out that a scar would be left. Then I took the paperclips off and used a marker to make the apostrophe (scar). My students never forget the apostrophe this year. What a ham - but hey, it worked.

Rachel Sooter submitted: Contraction Song
> (Mary Had a Little Lamb)
> I'm the first word; don't change me!
> Don't change me, don't change me.
> I'm the first word; don't change me!
> Oh, no, just let me be.
> When you change the second word,
> Second word, second word,
> When you change the second word,
> A shorter word you'll see.
> Certain letters are taken out,
> Taken out, taken out.
> Certain letters are taken out.
> One word will remain.
> Apostrophe will fill that space,
> Fill that space, fill that space.
> Apostrophe will fill that space,
> The rest will stay the same.
> Can't and couldn't, isn't, too.
> Isn't, too, isn't, too,
> Won't and I've and let's, it's true,
> Contractions every one.
> I'm and she's and you're and he'd,
> You're and he'd, you're and he'd,
> Wouldn't, didn't, we'll and she'd,
> Good! And now we're done.