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Grade: all

#3184. Texas History

Social Studies, level: all
Posted Wed Jul 14 11:17:46 PDT 2004 by Rachel Galan, Director of the East Texas Research Center (
Texas Tides Teacher Resources
Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, USA

Spanish Exploration and Colonization of East Texas: Friar Margil and the Spanish Missions Grade 4 / Grade 7

Caddo Indians: Caddo Indians Grade 4 / Grade 7

Mexican East Texas: Chireno and the Battle of Nacogdoches Grade 4 / Grade 7

Anglo Settlement in East Texas:Anglo Settlement Grade 4 / Grade 7

The Texas Revolution in East Texas:Texas Revolution Grade 4 / Grade 7

East Texas during the Republic Period: Republic of Texas and K.H. Douglas Grade 4 / Grade 7

Impact of U.S. Annexation and Early Statehood on East Texas: The Question of Annexation Grade 4 / Grade 7

The Impact of the Mexican War on East Texas: Santa Anna and Texas Grade 4 / Grade 7

Antebellum East Texas: Sam Houston in Antebellum Texas Grade 4 / Grade 7

Slavery in East Texas: Slavery Grade 4 / Grade 7

Impact of the Civil War on East Texas: Dr Bone and the Civil War Grade 4 / Grade 7

East Texas as an Important Economic Region: The Railroads in Texas Grade 4 / Grade 7

Important Places in East Texas: The Old Stone Fort Grade 4 / Grade 7