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Grade: 3-5
Subject: Science

#3426. 5E science lesson plans for elementary school

Science, level: 3-5
Posted Wed Dec 28 17:56:43 PST 2011 by Carolyn Nichol (Carolyn Nichol).
Rice University Elementary Science Curriculum
Rice University, HOUSTON
Materials Required: various
Activity Time: various
Concepts Taught: science

Please see dozens of free high quality science lesson plans for elementary teachers at
Each Lesson plan has at least 5 components including an Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. RESCu was developed in the Rice University Elementary Model Science Lab and it is a free resource for teachers.
It includes teacher guides and student workbooks. Here is an example : Create a book with pictures representing each of the four seasons.
Components (to support your understanding please be sure to include the following):
􀂃 Ask students what they know about the different seasons.
􀂃 Discuss some of the observable differences we can see and feel, including weather
conditions as mentioned in previous lessons.
Addressed Teaching Points:
􀂃 Weather changes over seasons.
􀂃 We can observe the changes in weather.
􀂃 We can record differences we see in weather and represent weather conditions in
different ways.