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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#368. Colors: Spelling Song

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Mar 28 12:21:17 PST 1998 by Tara Osborne (
Claiborne Fundamental School -2nd grade, Shreveport, LA
Materials Required: Chart, Different colored markers to write with
Activity Time: Minutes per day
Concepts Taught: color words and their spellings

Sing to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell"

R-E-D spells red
R-E-D spells red
Apples, tomatoes,cherries, too
R-E-D spells red.

Sing to the tune of Happy Birthday

W-H-I-T-E, W-H-I-T-E
Snowballs and popcorn
Are as white as can be.

Sing to the tune of Are You Sleeping

B-L-U-E, B-L-U-E
That spells blue, That spells blue
That's the color of the sky
That's the color of the sea
B-L-U-E, B-L-U-E.
(This one can be done in rounds. The children love it!

Sing to Row, Row Row Your Boat

P-U-R-P-L-E is as purple as can be.
Purple grapes and violets
A sight for you and me!