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Grade: Elementary

#3931. Life of a Patriot

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Feb 22 08:43:33 PST 2007 by Brooks Prince (
Crosswell Elementary, Easley, SC
Materials Required: Graphic Organizer, Worksheet
Activity Time: Iternet
Concepts Taught: Students will write a letter telling them what it is like a t Valley Forge as if they were a Patriot

• Lesson Introduction: Attention Grabber- Model and Imitate the life of a patriot solder.

• Instructional Process (Place Internet activity within lesson structure.)
Activity #1: Introduction- Using Drama to impersonate the life of a South Carolina soldier who has joined Washington’s army. Notes: Key Points to include-
1. living conditions
2. training as a soldier
3. battles I have fought in
Activity #2: Handout- Everyone receives their new name and handout. On this they describe their physical appearance. Next, the students using check boxes describe their family situation. Notes:
-favorite thing to do
-why they joined the army
Activity #3: Next, students look up on the internet Valley Forge during the winter of 1777. Notes:
Using a graphic organizer students fill in the key information.
Activity #4: On Microsoft Word, students write their letters using the key information they looked up on the internet. Notes:

Activity #5: Students check their rubric to make sure all supporting details are addressed. Notes: rubric

• Homework or extension activity: ________________________________________

• Assessment/Reflection: (Strategy/Result) Graphic Organizer, Written Expression- Letter to Parents.