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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#400. Around the Water Cycle--A Reader's Theater

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Apr 18 08:21:04 PDT 1998 by Sarah Wood (sarahw@HUB.ofthe.NET).
Ralls Elementary, Ralls, TX
Materials Required: scripts "rian drop" and "sun" headbands, winter hat
Activity Time: varies (reading and rehersal time)
Concepts Taught: parts of the water cycle

The amount of raindrops can be adjustd to fit group size.

Readerís Theater: Around the Water Cycle by Sarah Wood

Cast: 7 Water Drops, the Sun and a Little Kid

Water Drop 1: Here we are hanging around in this puddle.

Water Drop 2 :Yeah, this is the life!

Water Drop 3: Hey! Look behind that cloud! Guess who??

Drops 1,2,3 : Itís the sun! Yay! Evaporation!!!

Sun: Hey guys!! I told you I would see you again soon! What have you been doing?

Water Drop 1: Iíve been in the ocean! I saw a lot of fish!

Water Drop 2: Iíve been hanging around on Dr. Pepper and tea glasses. Yummy!

Water Drop 3: I helped water some flowers! They sure smelled pretty!

Sun: It sounds like you were busy! Well, you are up here now, I have done my job, I will see you later.

Water Drop 1: I wonder who else will show up?

Water Drop 2: It is a little bit cold. I should have brought my jacket!

Water Drop 3: Here are the others! Hi Guys!!

Water Drops 4, 5 ,6, 7 : Hi! How are you?

Water Drop 4: I havenít seen you guys in a long time!!

Water Drop 5: I just got off of a surf board!

Water Drop 6: Really? I just came from a dogís bath. He shook me into the air!

Water Drop 7: It is really getting cold up here! Gather around guys. We need to condense!

All the Water Drops: BRRRRRRRRRRR! I am Freezing! A-CHOOOOO!

Water Drops 4 and 5: It is getting crowded. OOPS!

Water Drop 6: Ah, my favorite part: Precipitation!

Water Drop 7: Yeah, and my favorite kind, snow!

Little Kid: Yay!! It snowed last night!! Iím going to build a snowman!

Water Drop 3: Tee Hee! That tickles!

Water Drop 5: Iím getting smushed here!

Little Kid: Wow! My snowman looks great! Iím going to go eat lunch.

Sun: Well, that was a nice nap, but now I have to do my work. Guess I had better thaw out those little guys.

All the Water Drops: Weíre Melting! Weíre Melting!

Water Drop 1: Hey guys, we all ended up in the puddle together!

Water Drop 2: And look who is up in the sky!

Water Drop 3: The SUN! Here we go again!!