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Grade: Elementary

#4169. The Giant Jam Sandwich Lesson

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Apr 5 10:18:15 PDT 2008 by Meghan Webb (Meghan Webb).

The Giant Jam Sandwich
Lesson Plan

This book has a lot of rhyming words. What are rhyming words?
What do you think that this story is going to be about?
How many types of sandwiches can you think of?
What do you need to make a giant jam sandwich?

During Reading:
What do you think the town should do to solve its problems?
What type of problem does the town have?
How do you think the town will solve this problem?

Post Reading:
What were some of the funniest parts of this story?
How did this story end?
What does the town do to solve its problem? Does it work?

Have the students write a poem about food.
Have the students create and draw their own sandwich
Silly Super Sandwich Song
Have the students write a journal of a towns person in this book.
Have the students work on process words (First, Second, Next, Then, Finally) while making jam sandwiches.
Share the Pen: Make a Sequel to the Book
Do a lesson on real (non-fiction) and make believe (fiction) and introduce these terms and concepts to the students.