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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#447. Animals of Africa

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Thu May 21 18:40:20 PDT 1998 by Heather Wolfe (
Heather's Web Page
Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi

African Animals

Purpose of the lesson : TSW identify animals indigenous to Africa.
Pre-Instructional : TTW read The Elephant's Child. TTW give ten students animal name tags. TSW only see their tags. TTW blindfold the ten students. TSW alphabetize themselves by making their animal sounds(no words are aloud). 1. Instructional Procedures : a. TTW probe the students about what they already know about Africa. b. TTW introduce the students to Africa's geographic location on the world map. c. TSW label Africa on their maps. d. TTW discuss with the students Africa's population and countries.

2. Instructional Procedures : a. TTW play the Animals of Africa video for the students. b. TTW put the students into three groups. c. TTW assign an African animal to each group. d. TTW assign a responsibility to each student in their groups. e. TSW research their animal. f. TSW present their animal's characteristics (habitat, diet, size, classification, etc.) to the class. g. TSW take notes in their journal about each animal's characteristics.

3. Instructional Procedures : a. TTW ask the students to compare the African animals discussed in class. b. TSW compare the animals c. TTW write the comparisons on the board. d. TSW discuss the comparisons.

4. Instructional Procedures : a. TTW instruct the students about the story. b. TSW write in their journals about an African animal they would like to be. c. TSW share their journals with the class.

5. Instructional Procedures : a. TSW create an imaginary animal using various materials they have at home. b. TSW write about their animal and include its name,characteristics, and describe how it defends itsself.
c. TSW will share their animals and their description with the class.

Enrichment: The students who finish early can go to the African Animal Center and read about African animals and play with the animal figures.

Day 2

Purpose of the lesson : TSW identify animals indigenous to Africa.
Pre-Instructional : TTW read A Wise Monkey Tale. The teacher and the students will sing Old McDonald had a jungle. TSW share their inventive animals. TTW have the students identify African animal tracks.

1. Instructional : a.TTW review the students on the three African animals they did the day before(hyena, elephant, zebra).

2. Instructional : a. TTW place the students into three pre-assigned groups. b. TTW assign an African animal to each group. c. TTW assign an responsibility to each student (runner, writer, researcher etc.). d. TSW research their animals's characteristics. e. TSW present their animal's characteristics to the class. f. TSW write the characteristics in their journal.

3. Instructional : a. TTW instruct the students on researching baby African animals. b. TSW choose one African baby animal to research.
c. TSW will take down notes as they research the animal.

4. Instructional Procedures : a. TSW create a birth announcement to announce the birth of a baby African animal. b. TTW post all birth announcements out in the hall.

5. Instructional Procedure: a. TTW instruct the students on how to make
a animal mobile. b. TSW will make a mobile. c. TTW analyze teacher effectiveness by viewing taped lesson.
Enrichment : TSW play the Jungle Walk Game.