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Grade: Middle

#4577. RAFT ( with Flowers for Algernon)

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Fri Mar 2 22:06:22 PST 2012 by V. Lienhardt (V. Lienhardt).
Regis University, United States
Materials Required: Flowers for Algernon (book or exerpt found in touchstone texts), RAFT template
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Using RAFT to Demonstrate Point-of-View

Mini Lesson Topic
& Grade:

Students write a letter to the doctors on whether the doctors should have or should not have performed the operation on Charlie.

Grade 7-8

- Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (can be excerpt touchstone text)

- RAFT writing template

Objective: Students will internalize Charlie’s changes and experiences to write a letter to the doctors on undergoing the operation using RAFT:

R: a friend or coworker of Charlie’s
A: the doctors
F: letter
T: Should the doctors have performed the operation on Charlie?

Explicit Instruction:
➢ Model RAFT with a think-aloud from the view-point of a doctor to the public on why the operation was important and necessary.
➢ Discuss difficult and good experiences Charlie had gone through.

Guided Practice:
➢ Provide student RAFT topic.
➢ In partners or small groups, have students discuss the operation from the viewpoint of a friend. Students may use this time to write down ideas and brainstorm together. Monitor and play devil’s advocate for pros and cons.

Independent Practice:
➢ Provide RAFT template to students and have each student draft a letter to the doctors from the view point of Charlie’s friend or coworker.

Closure Questions:
➢ How did Charlie feel about his new intelligence?
➢ Was Charlie happier before or after becoming a genius?
➢ Was the operation “worth it”?