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Grade: Pre-School

#4682. Letter Shapes and Letter Formation

Reading/Writing, level: Pre-School
Posted 12/26/2012 by Carlee (Carlee).
Happy Hearts , Croton on Hudson, NY
Materials Required: Stated in Lesson
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Letter Shapes and Letter Formation

Day: Wednesday
Activity: “Fishing For Letters”
Learning Objectives
1. Students will be able to identify individual letters of the alphabet
2. Students will be able to replicate letter shape formation
3. Student will be able to identify individual letters that he has written
1. Fishing pole- a piece of string, attached to a ruler with a magnet at the end
2. Laminate paper fishes- the fishes will have one capital letter printed on one side
3. Clip board
4. Lined paper
1. Gather a group of four student
2. Explain to the students that they are each going to be provided with a clip board, a piece of paper and one fishing pole in which they are to share
3. Explain to the students that they are going to be using the fishing pole to catch fish.
4. Show students the fish.
5. Point out to students that each fish was a different letter.
6. Explain to the students that once they have used their fishing pole to catch a fish, they must show, identify and say the letter on the fish. They must pass the fishing pole to the next student, clip their fish to their clip board and write down the letter they caught on their line paper.
7. Model for the students how this can be done
8. Explain to the students, once they have worked together to catch all of the fish, they can read their list of letters to a partner from the group
9. Give partners
10. Guide students while they play the game