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Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#707. Venn Diagram With One Fish, Two Fish by Dr. Seuss

other, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Feb 23 19:36:42 PST 1999 by Kathleen Carpenter (
Plainfield Memorial School, Plainfield Connecticut US
Materials Required: 2 hoops or yarn circles (one red, one blue)
Activity Time: 1 period (15-20 minutes)
Concepts Taught: Classification

Venn Diagram to accompany _One Fish, Two Fish,Red
Fish,Blue Fish_ by Dr. Seuss: Cut out (or have the children
cut and color) a set of paper fish, one third of them
colored red, one third of them colored blue, and the other
third colored a combination of red & blue. The number of
fish could depend upon the number of students. Use 2 hoops,
or yarn circles, (preferably one red, one blue) on the
floor, overlapping to create a third section in the middle.
Lead the kids to sort red fish into the red circle, blue
fish into the blue one, then ask where the 2-colored
(red&blue) fish would go..lead them to put them in the over
lap (center where the 2 circles overlap). You could ask the
kids to fill in a Venn diagram on paper to illustrate or
give each a pciture of a Venn Diagram and a set of objects
(such as more fish, or a different set of pictures to sort)
to reinforce and assess understanding.