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    Need help working with Gate students in 3rd grade

    Wrote on 3rd grade board but thought I should ask here as
    well. I was told by our Gate coordinator that Gate students
    should not be taught curriculum from the next grade level.
    We are to "expand" upon our grade level (3rd).

    This boy was so sharp as well as a child with Aspbergers.
    They both knew multiplication, long division, fractionss
    probability. They knew how to work with square roots.So I
    taught them harder multiplication and long division. I also
    gave them some logical thinking projects They worked on the
    projects together. They knew how to reduce fractions, etc.

    I told them to write some word problems for the students in
    class. Then we work on them. That was kinda ok. One day I
    had to step outof the roomfor a moment.My GATE kid was at
    the front of the room going over a division problem with
    the class. He was reviewing the steps of long division. He
    was having them answer as a group while giving them wait
    time. Just like I do. The kids lovedit andcommented on how
    he could bethe new teacher. He did a great job.

    I'm aformer special ed teacher who workedprimarily
    withswtudents who had leaqrning disabilties. I can get any
    low student to read but feel inadequate when it comes rto
    the GATe kids.

    What can I do to make school more challening for them? BTW
    when I gave him projects to do he didn't put much effort
    into them.

    Need help for next year. Don't wantto go in without a plan.


    sorry about thetyping my catis sleeping on my right arm!