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    Re: EA Science- Inquiry Entry
    C Kelly

    On 12/09/13, KristeeW wrote:
    > my lowest area was a on inquiry. I don't understand fully
    > what they are looking. Am I supposed to have the students
    > generate what to investigate? Or is it more about the
    discussion following Hi, I bet you can bring that score up.
    I think this is a challenging entry because we so rarely have
    enough time for our labs. I do think they are asking
    specifically for significant student input into the the lab
    process. However you don't need to let them just make things
    up as they go. I suggest you think of a lab you already do
    that is data-rich and robust to allowing students to make
    small changes. I had most of the student input in section 2
    (mid experiment). My co-worker had the students brainstorm in
    section 1 the details of their procedure.

    The lab I ended up using was a 3 class period process. First
    the students learned about the scientific background. Then all
    the students run a lab once with everyone using the same
    protocol to get base line data. Then based on that data they
    chose one variable from a student generated list of
    possibilities to alter and test. I focused on showing that
    the students learned to take enough data, to chose values
    where the data would fall within a measurable range and to
    check data for being reasonable. Best of luck!