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    Re: Interview with a teacher

    On 11/29/12, chadden wrote:
    > ボ What made you decide to become a teacher?
    I am a single parent, when I got my BFA, I knew I couldn't
    become a full time'starving artist', I thought about
    Scientific Illustration, but when I looked into a Masters in
    Art Education, it was great because I could pass on what I
    learned from my BFA.
    > ボ Have there been any negative sides to being in the
    > teaching profession?
    Administrative Politics and Red Tape, Class size, lack of
    money for supplies. Not being seen as a 'real' teacher.
    > ボ Do you have any tips or pointers for someone
    > starting out?
    DO NOT think that ever student wants to learn about or do Art,
    try to be realistic in realizing that, and modifying to do it.
    Don't forget to have fun sometimes, process over product
    > ボ Have you taught a lot of younger children rather
    > than older or vice versa? Are there differences other than
    > age and maturity?
    I have taught elementary, middle, and HS. I have been at the
    HS level the longest. The biggest problem with elementary is
    that most schools do not have a room for you and you end up on
    a cart. But I love the sense of awe the younger students get
    when they get to do art. HS is great because there are those
    that you can help and make positive changes to their lives
    when it is the hardest for them. HS students tend to not want
    to let go of perfection and making it look 'real'whereas the
    younger students love to just make anything without thinking
    too much.
    > ボ What is most rewarding about your profession?
    The students loving their work so much that they want to take
    it home!Having the students say that this is their favorite
    class and they can relax and enjoy making art.
    > ボ If you had the chance to change professions would
    > you?
    Not unless I could make my own art full time. I would not mind
    teaching at a college level at some point. But there are not
    many jobs that compare to teaching.