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    Re: eats lessons
    No, thank goodness. Just another ed scam

    On 1/29/13, veevee wrote:
    > Just wondering if everyone else has to write all their
    > lessons out in the eats format now? If you do, how do you
    > feel about it?

    The people behind the whole e.a.t.s. thing run a small,
    questionable garage business called "Learning Focused" in North
    Carolina. They don't even put an address on their website -
    just a P.O. box, so that alone tells you they're shady.

    And the website is all about selling stuff. Nothing about how
    they designed their products, what research was involved,
    nothing about the backgrounds or experience of the people
    running the place. For all we know they could have met in a
    liquor store.

    School admins and district officials really need to be more
    careful about signing up for this or that "improvement" being
    sold by any money grubber who walks through the door with a
    business card.