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    Re: eats lessons

    Wow! I did not know that. I live in PA and work in DE. We have
    had several trainings on how to write eats lessons and I
    honestly hate it. I have difficulty fitting art lessons into
    this format. It kind of round hole, square peg.

    On 2/02/13, No, thank goodness. Just another ed scam wrote:
    > On 1/29/13, veevee wrote:
    >> Just wondering if everyone else has
    to write all their
    >> lessons out in the eats format now?
    If you do, how do you
    >> feel about it?
    > The people behind the whole e.a.t.s.
    thing run a small,
    > questionable garage business called
    "Learning Focused" in North
    > Carolina. They don't even put an
    address on their website -
    > just a P.O. box, so that alone tells
    you they're shady.
    > And the website is all about selling
    stuff. Nothing about how
    > they designed their products, what
    research was involved,
    > nothing about the backgrounds or
    experience of the people
    > running the place. For all we know
    they could have met in a
    > liquor store.
    > School admins and district officials
    really need to be more
    > careful about signing up for this or
    that "improvement" being
    > sold by any money grubber who walks
    through the door with a
    > business card.