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    Re: Most employable master's degree?
    DON'T bother with a master's in art education

    You've officially earned the right to avoid future education
    courses like the plague that they are.

    Avoid special ed, too, unless you really, really want to teach
    special ed. (Once you have a special ed degree, every
    potential employer will want you to teach special ed, which may
    or may not involve teaching art at all.)

    Check out the hiring trends for art therapists and, again,
    think about whether you really want to commit to doing the
    therapy thing all the time.

    Photography would be my choice, out of all the options you
    list, and it may give you an advantage at schools looking for a
    faculty adviser to oversee the newspaper or yearbook. Would
    also give you the most flexibility in terms of career options
    outside of education.

    On 1/30/13, Laura wrote:
    > Hello everyone,
    > I am about to graduate with a BS in art education. I am
    > constantly hearing from others that getting a job in
    > education, especially as an art teacher, will be extremely
    > difficult. Teaching art has become a huge passion for me,
    > and it breaks my heart to think that I will have to change
    > careers after four years of building my skills in something
    > that I love and know that I would be great at.
    > It seems that it will be very hard to obtain a job without
    > a master's degree, so I am applying to schools right away,
    > and hopefully that will make me more employable.
    > My dilemma is, what masters degree is generally most
    > employable for an art educator? I am considering several
    > options; art education, MFA in photography, special
    > education, and art therapy.
    > Does anyone have any advice for a potential art teacher?