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    Re: oil pastel clean up

    I don't have a sink in my room so we use baby wipes. If it is
    really bad I tell them to use the restroom then I yell SOAP
    first just like the last post.

    On 2/01/13, SH wrote:
    > Not that I have found... But, what I do is go around to the
    > kids and pre-dispence the soap onto their hands. I find that
    > if I give each student a pump of soap and tell them to work
    > it onto their fingers really well, and then give them each 3
    > seconds at the sink to scrub it off, it works better than if
    > I just send them to the sink for regular hand washing. If
    > there is any soap or oil pastel left after the 3 seconds they
    > can scrub it off with a paper towel.
    > SH