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    Re: Classroom Behavior

    Ralph Waldo said, "You will only see what you are prepared to
    see." As a new teacher, you'll see more and more each year and
    understand how to eliminate the problems. Basically, they are
    doing what you allow. This is the bottom line for every
    teacher. The trick is learning to control your own routines
    (your actions) with skill. There are too many ideas to go over
    so I would recommend reading good classroom management books.
    Here's a link to articles that I have written from ideas in my
    book. Also linked below. Hope this
    helps. Good luck.

    On 3/02/10, Becca wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I am a new teacher and I am struggling with classroom
    > behavior. My students are often well-behaved, but more and
    > more frequently, they are becoming rowdy and disinterested
    > in learning. Sometimes, when I'm teaching I have to stop
    > several times to make sure they are listening. When we walk
    > in line, they can be disruptive and loud. I have almost had
    > to stop group work because the noise becomes deafening. I
    > feel more and more like I'm not sure I can do this anymore.
    > Any suggestions?