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Method & Theory

    Re: Classroom Behavior

    Thing is, you don't have to practice right then. If they mess up going
    anywhere, they can "practice" on the way to lunch (if you're allowed
    to be late) or instead of an activity they like. They have to walk
    properly once for each time you had to speak to them during other
    times in the hall. During recess (if you have it) is good because they
    ARE getting exercise and you can "practice" outside.

    On 3/08/10, I tried this wrote:
    > I USED to do this, but I found that it only works on Gym and Art
    > days. On days when there's a Science or music kids wanted
    > to go, so they would rather line up, walk, return to the room, line
    > up, try again...and miss the entire period.
    > I caught on immediately.
    > Now, they go EARLY to Science and Music.

    > On 3/08/10, pixie wrote:
    >> Dr. Fred Jones' "Tools for Teaching" is a great resource. He
    >> explains in detail a scenario of how to train elementary
    >> students to walk quietly in the hall. Basically you tell them
    >> what you expect in the hall and then as soon as the kids don't
    >> do it, you turn them around and go back to the classroom and
    >> start again Repeat as many times as necessary. After doing this
    >> a couple of times the class will start shooting dirty looks at
    >> the noisy ones and the class will be enforcing its own behavior.
    >> He describes it in a very humorous way. He also has a lot of
    >> free ideas on his website.