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    Re: Advice Needed
    Posted by: PattyFran on 12/20/10
    (8) Comments

    On 12/18/10, TeachSS wrote:
    > I would like some advice on how to handle parent's negative
    > comments. Everytime, I get a parent complaint (few a yr) I
    > get so down on myself. I work very hard to help my student.
    > When a parent accusses me of picking on their child or not
    > being a good teache. I really take it personal.
    > I recently had a parent demand to the prinicipal that her
    > son be removed from my class because I am negative. I give
    > positive notes home and mother never responds to me. When I
    > write when he gets in trouble, she is all over me. She also
    > says that his C's are unacceptable and he got A's all last
    > yr. I'm just getting frustrated with parents thinking 4th
    > grade is easy and their child can fly by. Please help me
    > with advice and I would like to know I'm not the only one
    > that gets down in the dumps. Thanks!

    I can SO relate to your post. Sounds like you are doing
    great with your positive notes home. I have had a few
    parents like that over the years. Just keep telling yourself
    that you can't take it to heart what one or two parents
    think. Typically you won't hear back from the positive
    comments. I would suggest that you keep a copy of any/all of
    your notes home in a folder so you have proof that you're
    being positive!

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