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    Re: Advice Needed
    Posted by: Dave on 12/23/10
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    Students need to learn real world life skills. Just because a teacher
    gets on to a students, I don't believe a student should be removed
    from a classroom. Parents have changed these days. Parents often take
    their child's word before speaking to teachers. I am all for a
    teacher/parent partnership but it takes all parties to commit. It
    should not be parents vs. teachers whereas parents go straight in
    attacking teachers.

    On 12/22/10, Good luck! wrote:
    > On 12/20/10, TeachSS wrote:
    >> Thank you for your advice. It really helped me a lot. I just
    >> need to have the mindset that you can't please everyone.
    >> We talk all the time in education about not lowering the bar.
    > Having the mindset that you can't please everyone lowers the bar and
    > for yourself.
    > It's not really about pleasing people or parents - it's about working
    > with them and problem-solving. Parents see the child in a very
    > different light and it's not all bad or all good. They want us to
    > listen to what they have to say.
    > Parents should Not come in gangbusters and just badmouthing you - but
    > yes, some do because they have no social graces or problem-solving
    > skills. You can turn those parents around by saying - "I hear what
    > you're saying and certainly want to respond to your concerns. Let's
    > see if we can find solutions to the problems you're sharing with me."
    > A warm, friendly air does a lot towards encouraging parents to be the
    > same with you. Also true is that no teacher is perfect. We can make
    > mistakes. Think of it like this. If you took 25 children to the
    > doctor - and every child had strep throat - should the doctor give
    > the same antibiotic to each child there? And in the exact same dose?
    > If the doctor does that, some of those kids may die from an allergic
    > reaction to penicillin and some won't get better because they won't
    > have been given the right medicine in the right dose.
    > But that's what we often do in teaching. We have 25 children in front
    > of us - all individuals with their own learning style and learning
    > abilities - and we give the same homework to all of them. We give the
    > same test to all of them.
    > Group teaching is far from ideal. Every time we do something, we're
    > likely making a mistake for at least one child in the room. At least
    > one child needs an easier assignment or a longer assignment or fewer
    > math problems and more reading time or less reading time and more
    > math problems.
    > Parents can help us out there - if we truly care about our students
    > and their learning. Parents can let us know if the child is basically
    > happy and comfortable in school - something all teachers should want
    > for their students.
    > You shouldn't take things personally because that accomplishes
    > nothing for you or for your students. It's not about you. It's about
    > them. And it's not about pleasing parents but is about working with
    > them to finetune our teaching and do the best we can for our
    > Good luck.

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