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    Re: Daily 5 and Cafe menu
    Beth McCallum

    I have used Daily 5 in gr. 4 for 3 years now. I really enjoy it and
    get quality time for conferencing and guided groups while the
    remainder of the class pursue the Daily 5 choices. Some modifications
    for gr. 4 - partner read in my class is for nonfiction (where I feel
    they still need to support each other). Writing can be an independent
    project but often they use it to complete a research project (i.e.
    required research for a presentation) or to complete an assignment
    from Writer's Workshop. I have used my Scholastic coupons to get many
    novels on CD. Work on words - students practice on whiteboards, with
    old Scrabble boards (make your words). The computer is always
    available during Daily 5 and we rotate use of it. Students use it for
    writing, research or practice typing or spelling words during that
    time. I have been able to successfully use the Daily 5 with classes
    as large as 30, with modified IEP's and with ESL students. The kids
    really buy into it and want it to work.