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    homework frustration

    At my school there is a homework club set up by one of the
    other teachers. 3-4 students from each class are chosen by
    the classroom teacher to attend to support their learning.
    Last year (the first year at my school) I found it very
    frustrating, as I was expected to provide and correct
    additional work for the students attending the club. This
    year, I just told the teacher running the club that I will
    not be assigning extra homework, but I will tell them what
    the students need to work on. It is a lot of drilling
    basic math facts and reviewing addition and subtraction. I
    dod not assign a lot of regular homework, just when it is
    appropriate to what we are doing in class.

    The teacher running the club is now pressuring me to
    provide the work for the students to do. He showed up in
    my classroom after school with the kids in tow asking why I
    wasn't providing work for them. He said I should be giving
    them more homework (in front of the kids). I do not know
    how to explain to him my viewpoint ... or I do, but he
    doesn't seem to hear it. I have just told him that I'm not
    assigning extra homework for the homework club students. I
    don't want to be chased out of the school after hours just
    to avoid this man demanding more work for my kids.

    So what do I do? How do I make this a positive and
    effective experience for the kids, without overloading my