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    Re: homework frustration

    On 1/30/11, Bev-MI wrote:
    > This sounds like an after school babysitting time. The teacher
    > in charge wants work for the students to keep them busy.
    > Either don't send any students or have a basket with things for
    > them to do during this time.
    > You could have flash cards or supplies to make their own,
    > calculators (they create their own problems to work on and then
    > self-check ), listening tapes/CDs with the tables on them, those
    > little boxes with buttons - when you push the button down whe
    > answer appears, blank times tables chart for them to fill out
    > with a laminated answer chart, puzzle sheets, etc.
    > I've got lots of ideas and fun activities in my teacher resource
    > list (cheap!). Email if you are interested.