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    Re: Book Report Ideas

    On 3/19/11, MWhite wrote:
    > What is your goal for having them do a book report?
    > Wouldn't they become better readers if they just started
    > reading their next book?
    > Now...if you have a writing goal, that's different, but most
    > book projects are somewhat unnecessary, in my opinion.
    > -mwhite
    > I agree with you on having a goal for a book report... usually
    mine is to focus on the literary element we are covering at the
    time the student is reading their book... For instance, showing
    how a character develops throughout the story and what are the
    catalysts for those changes. Identifying cause and effect in
    stories is a worthwhile practice and I love to complicate by
    having the students come up with alternate effects/endings that
    would make sense given the nature of the characters. How does the
    setting impact the story? What if it changed.

    Standard book reports (i.e., author, illustrator, characters,
    brief summary) don't cut it any more. I am more interested in
    seeing if my students are analyzing and questioning as they read.
    This leads to more successful readers and more interest in