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    Re: Book Report Ideas
    Posted by: Heather on 4/06/11
    (8) Comments

    Give them options for how to present the book reports - a
    powerpoint, book jacket, diorama, enlarged bookmark....but
    require a summary, vocab list, character descriptions, etc.

    On 3/19/11, MWhite wrote:
    > What is your goal for having them do a book report?
    > Wouldn't they become better readers if they just started
    > reading their next book?
    > Now...if you have a writing goal, that's different, but most
    > book projects are somewhat unnecessary, in my opinion.
    > -mwhite
    > On 3/01/11, Christa wrote:
    >> Does anyone have any creative ideas for the students to use
    >> to present their book reports for the book Island of the
    >> Blue Dolphins?

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