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    IL Laying Off Teachers, Huge Budget Shortfalls

    Unfortunately, IL districts have huge budget shortfalls for
    the upcoming 2011-2012 school year and have to lay off a
    lot of teachers and administrators to try and close million
    dollar gaps in their 2012 budgets.

    District 205, Rockford schools, will close 6 or 7 schools
    and let approximately 600 go in an effort to close a 50
    million gap in its upcoming budget. One of the schools on
    the chopping block is an early learning center. School
    closings alone are estimated to save about 6 million
    dollars. Teacher layoffs are also expected to affect
    tenured teachers as well.

    U-46, Elgin schools, has recently approved layoff notices
    for 132 employees in the first round of annual cuts.
    Notices will be sent out to those 132 employees next month.
    Of the 132 being cut, 53 are teachers, most of which are in
    positions that are funded by grant money that isn't
    guaranteed for next year. The layoffs take effect next
    school year. Some, but not all of the 132 laid off
    individuals will be invited back for the 2011-2012 school
    year. The district is trying to were close a $4 million gap
    in its 2012 budget.

    District 50 cut 13 teachers last month and has approved the
    cut of 7 more teachers this month. Among the 7 to be cut
    this month are 4 eighth-grade core classroom teachers, 2
    kindergarten teachers and 1 gifted-program teacher. 2
    technology advisor positions and an 8th grade team leader
    position were also cut. With these cuts, it brings the
    school boards total cuts to nearly $1.5 million. Two
    Kindergarten positions account for just under $90,000 in
    savings. Even with these additional cuts, the districts
    2012 budget is still more than $2 million in the red.

    District 159, Mokena, is laying off 7 teachers and 8
    teacher aids in an effort to to help plug a $2.7 million
    budget deficit. In addition to these kayoffs, the district
    will cut cut all extracurricular activities for the 2011-
    2012 school year and increase some fees. School lunches
    will be affected as well; parents can expect a 50 cent

    Sadly, IL isn't a place anyone should be relocating to
    teach in anytime soon.