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    Re: Binder Requirement in Math (High School)

    On 3/10/12, Hillary wrote:
    > I am a high school math teacher. I require my students to
    > keep binders. Their binders are to be divided into three
    > sections notes, assignments, and quizzes. I do binder check
    > at the end of each chapter. A parent recently said that it
    > was awful that I require the binder. His son received a
    > zero, and now he is mad. Am I wrong? I laid out exactly how
    > I wanted the binder set up. The requirements were not met.
    > Help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    You may be sort of kind of a little wrong. It depends.
    Remember, this is high school, not grammar school. I think
    that students should have some say over their stationery
    supplies by this age. If someone who hates binders (as I do)
    decided to take the notes and do the homework in a spiral
    notebook and keep the quizzes in a folder, would you fail
    him/her? If so, then yes, I think you're wrong. If you asked
    to see this work and the kid produced it, who cares what it's
    being kept in?

    However, if the kid has no binder, never took the notes, and
    never did the quiz, that's a different story. You have every
    right to demand that the kids do all three things, and if you
    want to only check it at the end of the chapter, that is 100%

    If you are a nun or teaching in a strict Catholic school, it
    is also a different story. Then you can not only ask for a
    binder, but demand that it be black, plain, 2 inch rings with
    only the correct brand of reinforcements,100 sheets of
    college-ruled paper, everything done in #2 pencil and erased
    only in green eraser. And you can have an impassioned fight
    at the faculty meeting about your co-worker who allowed a kid
    to have a brown 3 inch binder and what a slacker he is. :