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    Re: Which Media Specialist program should I choose?


    So you think I should stay away from the M.Ed degree in
    Library/media specialist and pursue the MLIS? Also, I am not
    familiar with Joyce Valenza. Who is she?

    On 5/20/09, Kyle wrote:
    > I would like to respectfully, but completely disagree with
    > Julie's comments. Anyone who is anyone in the School Library
    > Media world (i.e. Joyce Valenza) will tell you that the MLIS is
    > the minimum requirement to become a teacher librarian. The MLIS
    > is essential.
    > From Joyce Valenza's book, PowerTools Recharged:
    > "The qualified teacher-librarian is both an instructional and
    > knowledge manager. He or she holds professional credentials in
    > education, as well as in library science." p.2-3A
    > Look to the ALA for guidance on which school to attend.