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    Re: Why study history To teach ethics

    History as a social endeavor: I teach history as a way to awaken my
    students moral and ethical responsibilities as citizens. History is
    a social endeavor, not an abstract objective one.

    On 10/17/11, Estepahead wrote:
    > > On 10/25/10, Cathy wrote:
    >>> I teach 7th/8th grade history. I would like to teach a
    >>> quick one week unit on why we study history. I have a few
    >>> ideas, but wondering if anyone has a great lesson they do
    >>> for this. Thanks.
    > 1. I do not think History should be about trying to learn from
    > the mistakes from the past, as some people have already
    > mentioned humans continually make the same mistakes.
    > 2. History is filled with the most dramatic, action-packed, and
    > hilarious stories. The problem is the way we present it is
    > and disconnected,
    > 3. Historians are used in movies, video games, and television,
    > but students are never informed that historians help made
    > of there favorite movies, video games, and television shows.
    > 4. Studying history is a way to discover our roots as a person,
    > group, country, race, etc. We can see where we have been to help
    > propel us into the future.
    > 5. History, just like the heavens, the sea, and the earth all
    > demand to be studied, every person has a desire to explore and
    > the subject in which they choose to study is their own.
    > Just a few of my ideas.