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    Re: Why study history
    Posted by: Joe/HS/CT on 11/13/10
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    For several years I have used the "Ordeal by Cheque" activity
    at the beginning of the year to discuss why studying history
    is important. I got the activity at a workshop I attended,
    and then found it online. It consists of four pages of
    fictitious checks written out by a person named Lawrence
    Exeter. Students need to work with a partner to analyze the
    checks and come up with a story about the Exeters. After
    students share their stories, we discuss how written history
    is subject to interpretation, and how it is important for us
    to make sense out of it ourselves. For homework, I give
    students a series of quotes about history, for which they
    need to choose one, and explain how it relates to the
    importance of the subject.

    On 10/25/10, Cathy wrote:
    > I teach 7th/8th grade history. I would like to teach a
    > quick one week unit on why we study history. I have a few
    > ideas, but wondering if anyone has a great lesson they do
    > for this. Thanks.

    Ordeal by Cheque

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