Peer Groups

    Less than a week- nervous!

    I will be starting my student teaching experience next week,
    and I am SO nervous! My CT seems really nice, but I have
    only heard from her once through e-mail and she seem to
    really discourage me from trying to meet with her before my
    start date. All of my friends who are starting have met with
    their CTs at least once. I feel totally unprepared!
    I have a ton of questions, but I don't want to seem too
    neurotic. For instance, when I go in do I first go talk to
    the principal? Where do I get my ID, if I even get an ID.
    What do I bring? What should I be doing now?
    Maybe I am neurotic. I am just getting more and more anxious
    and I really wish I knew a little more about what is ahead.