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    Re: Less than a week- nervous!
    katie p.

    Does your university have anything requirements for you to do the
    first week? Chances are you will just be observing, getting to
    know the students and the routine. If the teacher has you do
    anything I would think it would be simple, introduce yourself,
    read a story to the class (if your elementary) or something
    similar. I hope her not wanting to meet with you isn't a bad sign
    of things to come, but I wish you the best! I jsut student taught
    last fall (2008) so it's pretty fresh in my mind.

    When I first walked in the building I went straight to my room,
    but I had seen it before. I would stop by the office and talk to
    the secretary, tell her who you are and have her introduce you to
    your teacher and show you the room. Ask for a tour if you have
    time. Get there plenty early! It will make it less stressful and
    you can talk to your CT before the kids get there. I really don't
    think she would expect you to know all the answers, so ask! As
    far as the principal goes, the on at my school never really
    talked to me or formally introduced herself. Don't expect them to
    be too concerned about you, which is a stress relief really! Good
    luck and have fun! I miss my student teaching EVERY day, they
    were the best kids and I had the best CTs. I hope you have the
    same luck!