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    Re: Jobs for 2010-11


    Posted on 3/17/10
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    On 3/17/10, movingtoAZ wrote:
    > My family is relocating to Phoenix area. I am wondering
    > when districts start posting vacancies for next school year
    > and what the job outlook is for this area.
    > I am cert in History/Lang Arts/Tech

    This is not the place for educators to teach.... politics
    galore, the possibility of massive lay-offs and a Department
    of Education that needs a total revamping. In this case we
    can throw the baby out with the bath water. Did I mention a
    State Legislature that is not supportive of education. Did
    you read recent SB2011. Wow! Total ignorance and lack of
    regard for educators. Don't take my word for it....Ask any
    educator. Also ask educators about the AEPA test you'll be
    required to take. I've spoken with many excellent educators
    who have been teaching for 15-25 years and can't pass the
    test and are therefore out of a job. Rethink your
    possibilities. You'll kick yourself in the butt if you don't!

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