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    Re: Jobs for 2010-11
    Posted by: Actually... on 3/26/10
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    Yes, it's happening EVERYWHERE, but until you live HERE you have
    no idea quite what we're talking about. It's worse here than a lot
    of places. This is coming from someone who actually lives in and
    teaches in AZ. Our state government doesn't care at all about
    education and has left it in the hands of the voters to approve a
    1% sales tax increase in May for our jobs to even stand a chance.

    On 3/26/10, DontGiveUpHope wrote:
    > Hi movingtoAZ, Don't give up. Check here:
    > I know that AZ is going
    > through a crisis in terms of the budget. But, so is EVERY
    > OTHER STATE. In my state (NJ), they are laying off hundreds
    > of teachers. They're doing that in NY and PA, too. Friends
    > of mine who teach in other states tell a similar story.
    > However, they can't just lay off a whole bunch of people and
    > not hire new ones or hire them back. This happened in the 70s
    > already and they were forced to hire back or re-hire. So,
    > don't give up hope. Keep on looking and most importantly,
    > good luck! :)
    > On 3/17/10, movingtoAZ wrote:
    >> My family is relocating to Phoenix area. I am wondering
    >> when districts start posting vacancies for next school year
    >> and what the job outlook is for this area.
    >> I am cert in History/Lang Arts/Tech

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