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    Re: Jobs for 2010-11

    yea...I'm going to have to make signs for my toddler to carry around
    saying "vote yes so my mommy can have a job" pretty sad....

    On 3/26/10, Actually... wrote:
    > Yes, it's happening EVERYWHERE, but until you live HERE you have
    > no idea quite what we're talking about. It's worse here than a lot
    > of places. This is coming from someone who actually lives in and
    > teaches in AZ. Our state government doesn't care at all about
    > education and has left it in the hands of the voters to approve a
    > 1% sales tax increase in May for our jobs to even stand a chance.
    > On 3/26/10, DontGiveUpHope wrote:
    >> Hi movingtoAZ, Don't give up. Check here:
    >> I know that AZ is going
    >> through a crisis in terms of the budget. But, so is EVERY
    >> OTHER STATE. In my state (NJ), they are laying off hundreds
    >> of teachers. They're doing that in NY and PA, too. Friends
    >> of mine who teach in other states tell a similar story.
    >> However, they can't just lay off a whole bunch of people and
    >> not hire new ones or hire them back. This happened in the 70s
    >> already and they were forced to hire back or re-hire. So,
    >> don't give up hope. Keep on looking and most importantly,
    >> good luck! :)
    >> On 3/17/10, movingtoAZ wrote:
    >>> My family is relocating to Phoenix area. I am wondering
    >>> when districts start posting vacancies for next school year
    >>> and what the job outlook is for this area.
    >>> I am cert in History/Lang Arts/Tech