Re: Florida Teaching Jobs

    On 11/24/12, Chuck wrote:
    > I am from Wisconsin and licensed to teach 1st-8th grades
    > regular ed. I am finishing up my Special Ed Cross Cat 6-21
    > year olds with an emphasis in EBD this spring. I am
    > interested in Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough,
    > Pasco and Polk districts in one area. Duval, Nassau, Clay
    > and St Johns districts in another area. Would people be
    > willing to share their thoughts on the chances of getting a
    > teaching job in one of these districts? Also, any thoughts
    > on the districts themselves? My wife and I want to move to
    > Florida in the worst way, but it is all dependent upon me
    > getting a teaching job. Any and all honest opinions are
    > greatly appreciated.

    I caution you to move to florida for a teaching position. The
    salaries are very low and everything is based on the FCAT. Even
    if you get a job, you could be fired within 96 days and this
    does happen Warning!!!