Re: Florida Teaching Jobs

    On 11/29/12, Bobby wrote:
    > On 11/24/12, Chuck wrote:
    >> I am from Wisconsin and licensed to teach 1st-8th grades
    >> regular ed. I am finishing up my Special Ed Cross Cat 6-21
    >> year olds with an emphasis in EBD this spring. I am
    >> interested in Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough,
    >> Pasco and Polk districts in one area. Duval, Nassau, Clay
    >> and St Johns districts in another area. Would people be
    >> willing to share their thoughts on the chances of getting a
    >> teaching job in one of these districts? Also, any thoughts
    >> on the districts themselves? My wife and I want to move to
    >> Florida in the worst way, but it is all dependent upon me
    >> getting a teaching job. Any and all honest opinions are
    >> greatly appreciated.
    > I caution you to move to florida for a teaching position. The
    > salaries are very low and everything is based on the FCAT. Even
    > if you get a job, you could be fired within 96 days and this
    > does happen Warning!!!

    I have been here 3 years and although the salaries are lower
    compared to other parts of the country (not the lowest), and our
    evaluation system is horrendous, I quite enjoy it. I wouldn't
    look at Polk. I've had friends from there and everyone had a
    horror story. Osceola has openings quite a bit, and depending on
    what you like to do...all the theme parks are close and an hour
    to either coast for the beaches. Also, if you are getting
    certified in EBD you will be very valuable. Everywhere has
    issues...doesn't matter the state. You have to do what makes you