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    Re: FEA...5 things to know about testing frenzy in US school

    Still trying to figure out how a bubble test will show well a kid
    plays his violin, trumpet, or sings...

    On 11/28/12, Broke FL Teacher wrote:
    > " studies, art, music and hands-on science
    > instruction have been reduced or squeezed out of the
    > curriculum entirely. Because many of these subjects help
    > students develop critical thinking, creativity and other vital
    > 21st-century skills, forcing some students to forgo these
    > experiences in exchange for testing and test preparation puts
    > them at an unfair disadvantage.
    > "
    > No problem anymore: now that FL will have a test for every
    > subject for each teacher's evaluation (not for the purpose of
    > evaluation of the child's learning), we can assume there will
    > be no more critical thinking taught in any subject. Drill and
    > kill is the future.
    > Can you imagine what this generation will be like when they
    > grow up? How very sad.
    > "3: Recess and physical education are being cut to make time
    > for test-focused academics"
    > Not to mention the "working-snack." Somehow, kindergarteners
    > are supposed to eat and learn at the same time. Eat with one
    > hand, work with the other.