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Post: Teacher's book making national impact

Posted by Kristine Garofalo on 3/05/04

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    Hi all,
    My husband and I are teachers from Berlin, CT. Rob
    recently authored his first book and several school
    districts across the country are using it with their kids.
    It's titled, A Winner by Any Standard: A Personal Growth
    Journey for Every American Teen and it promotes all the
    ideals upon which future success is built—e.g., optimism,
    gratitude, self-belief, a strong work ethic, a sense of
    wonder, humility, originality. Any word of mouth you can
    spread would be greatly appreciated as #1, it can empower
    young people and counteract popular culture and #2, the
    literary world isn't set up to accept/assist a
    schoolteacher with no national platform from which to
    promote. You can learn more by visiting

A Winner by Any Standard

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