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    Re: Lies and nothing I can do
    why lie down and take it????

    Get an attorney and sue them for age discrimination. You have a
    Happened to a woman in our school. She was in her lower 50's
    age wise. Did a long term sub, super job, glowing reviews,etc.
    when the position came up for hire, they hired a 22 year old
    fresh out of college, NO experience in the district.
    The older woman sued for age discrimination and won big time!
    Not only did she win the case and settlement, she was also
    offered a position and is still teaching in the district full
    If no one stands up for themselves, what have we gained?????????

    On 12/24/08, kathy wrote:
    > On 12/19/08, Really steamed wrote:
    >> I am just venting here, because I don't think there is
    >> anything I can do, but this is my story. I was a long
    >> term sub last year and the teacher decided she was not
    >> going to return. I applied for the position, as did one
    >> other individual. I went through observations,
    >> interviews, any hoop thrown my way. Bottom line, the
    >> other candidate got the position and I was told it was an
    >> administrative decision. I think it was an age decision,
    >> she is 22 I am 39, but that is not my gripe.
    >> Needless to say as anyone who has tried to get a position
    >> in Ohio knows, they are few and far between, so I am
    >> subbing again this year. I was subbing at the school
    >> yesterday where I did the long term sub and was talking
    >> with one of the other teachers at the end of they day.
    >> The teacher from next door walked in with a picture of his
    >> kids to show and one of them was one of my students last
    >> year. I said, "Oh, "Susie" is a nice little girl, how is
    >> she doing this year". He told me she was doing fine, but
    >> was really sad that I was not her teacher as she really
    >> learned a lot in my class. (the class was a gifted
    >> pullout class, so the same students are in the class each
    >> year). I told him I tried to get the position, but they
    >> hired the other person. He looked kind of surprised and
    >> says to me "We (meaning the parents) were told you didn't
    >> want the position that you just wanted to work part-
    >> time." I was dumb-founded. I told him this was not the
    >> case at all that I did everything I could to get that
    >> position.
    >> I am really angry that this is the lie that was told as to
    >> why I wasn't in the classroom and someone else was. Why?
    >> Why not just tell the truth? The powers that be made a
    >> decision to hire this other person. Are they not happy
    >> with her and this is a way to justify the mistake they
    >> made?
    >> For whoever reads this, thank you for listening to my
    >> rant, but I am just irked beyond words.
    > HI,
    > I am really sorry about your experience; very similar to mine
    > and I also think age was a factor. On the advice of a
    > colleague I just moved on and never went back to that school
    > to sub even though they kept calling..desperately a couple
    > of times. I went other places to sub and eventually just
    > went my own way. Just inform people of the facts and as you
    > are a worthy teacher move on and good luck!
    > Kathy