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Wildlife education programs for classroom.

    Wildlife education programs for classroom.Hello,
    I would like to ask the opinions of the teachers on this
    board. I’m thinking of starting my own business, which has
    to do with doing wildlife shows/programs for school
    classrooms and children’s birthday parties. I have a host
    of animals I can supply; fennec fox, armadillo, serval ,
    various birds and reptiles. I could also offer dozens of
    various life-like anatomically correct skull and egg
    replicas and a 45min. to one hour presentation on topics
    such as; Animal defenses, food chains, carnivores,
    herbivores and omnivores.
    I would just like to here some of your opinions as to
    weather or not you teachers would have any use for such a
    service for your class rooms, or from parents as to weather
    or not you’d be interested in something like this for a
    child’s birthday party.